WAREMA bus systems


  • KNX sun shading actuator for switching up to 16x 230 V AC SMI or up to 16x SMI LoVo (with binary inputs in the surface-mounted model)
  • Control of up to 16 SMI and/or SMI LoVo motors in up to 16 groups
    • mixed operation of SMI and SMI LoVo is not possible
  • Preselection of SMI group for internal/external venetian blind or roller shutter/textile sun shading system with preset basic parameters
  • Emergency/manual using buttons on the actuator (highest priority), the ETS DCA app or Bluetooth LE smartphone app
  • there are 16 SMI channels available
  • SMI drives can be switched off via integrated relay to prevent long-term standby current consumption
  • SMI motors are commissioned with SMI Key ID via ETS or through a motor search/allocation via smartphone or ETS DCA app
  • Individual motors are automatically addressed after replacement
  • Voltage input terminal as screw terminals, all other terminals: spring terminals
  • 3 global safety objects of different priorities with cyclical monitoring, one more safety object per group
  • Allocation and adjustable reaction to safety objects during or after alarm
  • Activation or deactivation of the automatic inputs (e.g. sun control, slat tracking) with parameterisable automatic return function
  • Control mode – Connection: separation from manual and automatic input at certain curtain heights and slat positions (byte objects)
  • Option of limiting manual operation with the automatic objects (cut-off, etc.)
  • 8 scene objects per output
  • Status of curtain height, slat angle, dwell time active and status of upper limit position
  • Bluetooth LE interface (smartphone app)
    • Commissioning/exchange without ETS: SMI motor search, SMI motor allocation
    • Emergency/manual operation (SMI Broadcast, group, individual motors)
    • Status display of binary inputs
    • Press the KNX programming button
    • Bluetooth can be deactivated with ETS
    • Bluetooth code changeable
  • ETS DCA app for the ETS to
    • SMI motor search
    • SMI motor allocation
    • SMI error list readable
    • Emergency/manual operation (SMI Broadcast, group, individual motors)
    • Semiautomatic learning of tilting impulses
    • Synchronisation of ETS project and actuator (for SMI commissioning via smartphone app)
    • Status display of binary inputs
  • in the surface-mounted model:
    • 4x SMI fused connection terminals or one non-fused SMI connection terminal
    • 4x replaceable miniature fuse for protection of the connected products and flexible motor lines (max 6.3 A)
    • Standard (venetian blind) push buttons can be connected via 32 integrated binary inputs (freely available on bus)

Technical data

Operating voltage230 V AC
Degree of protection
IP 30 (AP)
IP 30 (REG)
Safety classI
Type of installationSurface-mounted (AP)
Rail-mounted (REG)
106 x 180 x 60 mm (AP)
3 TE (REG)
SMI interfaceup to 16 × 230 V AC SMI or up to
16 × SMI LoVo
Inputs (in the surface-mounted model)
Max. length of connecting line200 m
KNX interface
TransformerTP 1
Connection typePlug-in terminals


ProductArticle number
KNX sun shading actuator SA 16M230 SMI REG
KNX sun shading actuator SA 16M230.32 SMI AP
KNX sun shading actuator SA 16MDC SMI LoVo REG
KNX sun shading actuator SA 16MDC.32 SMI LoVo AP