KNX room controller
WAREMA bus systems


  • Room temperature sensor with touch display and weekly time switch
  • Colour touch display, 2.3 inch (59 mm)
  • integrated temperature sensor with mixed value calculation
  • Integrated weekly time switch
  • individual configuration of different display and operation sides
  • Display and operation sides for, among other things,
    • measured temperature value display
    • bus data display (4 universal display places)
    • temperature regulation (including mode switching)
    • 3 × sun shading system (external venetian blinds, roller shutters, awnings) and/or windows with buttons, slider, position display
    • 3 × light switch or dimmer (with percentage display)
    • Weekly time switch
    • Scenes (4 scenes with retrieval and saving)
    • Light HCL Human-Centric Lighting control
    • Light colour temperature setting
    • Light RGB settings
  • Screensaver
  • Button tone can be switched on/off
  • 4 inputs for binary contacts or temperature sensors T-NTC
  • 8 AND and 8 OR logic gates with 4 inputs each
  • Adjusting variable comparator
  • PI regulator for heating and cooling (based on temperature)
  • suitable in all standard switch programmes for use 55 × 55 mm

Technical data

Operating voltageKNX Bus voltage
Degree of protection
IP 20
Type of installationFlush-mounted
55 x 55 x 35 cm
Measuring range
Temperature sensor-20 to +70 °C
Temperature resolution0.1 °C
Inputs4x analogue/digital, max. line length 10 m
KNX interface
Connection typePlug-in terminals


ProductArticle number
WAREMA KNX room controller


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