KNX Combination actuator
Smart solutions for your WAREMA products


  • Multiple combination actuator for controlling the 230 V AC sun shading drives and up to four lights via a 12-fold binary input which is available on the KNX
  • Connectable power consumers
    • 6 sun shading drives 230 V AC or
    • 5 sun shading drives 230 V AC and 2 x lighting or
    • 4 sun shading drives 230 V AC and 4 x lighting
  • Device includes 12 binary inputs for sunblind push buttons, light push buttons or light switches
  • Separated supply voltages for sun shading system and lighting
  • Replaceable miniature fuses for protection of motor lines
  • Integrated power supply unit means continued functionality during bus power interruption
  • Pre-set parameters for various sun shading products
  • Conventional WAREMA sun shading control systems can be added to KNX
  • Connection for manual control panel MABE 12
  • Surface-mounted housing model for economical distributed installation, incl. strain relief
  • REG model
    • Membrane keyboard for testing connected power consumers without prior KNX commissioning
    • LEDs for indicating the switching status of outputs
  • Parameterisable positions, can be stored via telegram
  • Activation or deactivation of the automatic inputs (e.g. sun control, slat tracking) with parameterisable automatic return function
  • Byte value control for curtain length, slat angle
  • Status indication for curtain length, slat angle and light
  • Standard functions for light control

Product & accessories

ProductArticle number
AccessoriesArticle number
Manual control panel MABE 121002631
Strain relief kit for surface-mounted housing1002236

Technical data

Operating voltage230 V AC
Degree of protectionIP 30 (AP)
IP 30 (REG)
Safety classI
Type of installationSurface-mounted (AP)
Rail-mounted (REG)
Dimensions210 x 180 x 60 mm (AP)
12 MW (REG)
Switching capacity per drive500 VA with 230 V AC / cos φ = 0.6
Total power1) of light (outputs A1.1 ... A2.2)230 V AC halogen floodlight 2 kW
230 V AC bulbs 2 kW (max. 500 W per output)
Fluorescent lamps 162 μF, 1.5 kVA
Max. length of connecting line200 m
KNX interface
TransformerTP 1
Connection typePlug-in terminals



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