Energy efficiency, comfort, safety and flexibility – these are the requirements placed on modern buildings today. A bus system meets these challenges thanks to intelligent networking and room automation. Whether in one-family homes or large properties - WAREMA solutions guarantee reliable control of the sun shading system in a smart building.

Whether KNX, LonWorks® or BAline - these technologies offer the highest flexibility and widest functional variety for every project.

Energy efficiency, comfort, safety and flexibility – these are the requirements placed on modern buildings today. And we have the technology to meet all these requirements: KNX – the global standard for home and building automation. This allows all functions in the building to be connected and controlled easily. Whether sun shading, light, air conditioning, heating or safety systems – with KNX, all of these power consumers can be controlled centrally using an operating element or even automatically with intelligent sensors.

This versatility offers clever solutions for all buildings and applications.

WAREMA components can be integrated seamlessly into KNX networks. Sun shading and lighting in the office are controlled automatically. The networked central weather station, which is also used for operation and parameterisation, provides the necessary weather data.

A wide range of technologies work side by side in the area of building automation. LonWorks® ensures that components as varied as sun shading systems, heating, cooling and lighting work together without problems. This opens up many different options: for example, windows and outside doors close if a storm occurs and the sun shading system moves into the shading position – damage and danger are avoided. All products with LonWorks® standard work together regardless of the manufacturer. That means you can benefit from decades of proven WAREMA quality for the automation of your construction project.

  • Future-proof by using the LonWorks® international automation standards
  • Cooperation of all LonWorks® products from any manufacturer
  • Flexible adjustment using software means that rewiring is not required when user requirements change
  • LON motor control units are available for all WAREMA products
  • Storing individual settings in the LONMSEs allows decentralised control and evaluation of signals independent of a central control unit

The WAREMA LonWorks(R) components fit perfectly into every LonWorks(R) network. In offices, they control the sun shading system, lighting and window drives through an automated process. Weather data from a networked weather station is fed into the system, where they are even available to third-party devices. The comfort and safety function actuators can be adapted for various types of use and changes of use. The LonMark® standard permits the connection of third-party units and higher-order systems.

Actuator for controlling 24 V sun shading drives with incremental encoders

Actuator for controlling 230 V sun shading drives and power consumers (lighting)

Actuator for controlling 230 V sun shading drives with or without incremental encoder

Actuator with floating switching outputs for controlling conventional loop control systems

Actuator for controlling 230 V SMI sun shading drives

WAREMA BAline uses a modular approach to make room automation more flexible. Depending on requirements, the most diverse power consumers are connected to the freely programmable BAline modules and linked to the building automation network in room automation units. Changes in usage and retrofitting require minimal effort. This makes BAline a strong module for variable and future-oriented usage concepts in the construction project.

Modularisable control systems allow the seamless combination of different items of equipment in room automation units based on a single family of devices. The modular WAREMA BAline control system satisfies the prerequisites for the straightforward planning, configuration and commissioning of room automation units. Energy efficiency, thermal and visual comfort can be brought into harmony from the facade in.

Side-by-side mountable actuator with universal inputs for switching 230 V SMI or 24 V SMO LoVo sun shading drives

Actuator with basic module LONMCM and SMI interface for switching 230 V SMI sun shading drives

Thanks to their open and manufacturer-independent protocol as well as their simple integration into existing on-site systems, WAREMA Modbus actuators are a convincing choice. Components are actuated with Modbus commands from a higher-level control system. With the Modbus studio commissioning tool, actuators can be assigned Modbus addresses and can be parameterised and loaded. This makes WAREMA Modbus actuators the most cost-efficient solution when it comes to building automation for sun shading systems.

Actuator for central and local operation of 24 V sun shading drives with pole changer switching

Actuator for switching 230 V sun shading drives or power consumers

The integrated solution for residential buildings and large construction projects: The WAREMA BACnet actuators directly control the sun shading system using position values and provide a higher-level control system with status information concerning position height, slat angle and moving blinds. The open protocol can be easily integrated into an existing system and therefore into a building automation system that covers multiple functions. The WAREMA BACnet actuator fulfils the specification of a BACnet Application Specific Controller BASC.

Actuator for controlling 230 V sun shading drives

WAREMA sensors precisely record the current weather data and transmit it to a central control unit or room automation unit. This enables an automatic control of sun shading products and in turn ensures that the lighting conditions and indoor climate in the building always meet the user's requirements.

Sensor for sun shading product control based on radiation

Sensor for controlling sun shading products based on outside temperature and humidity

Sensor for sun shading product control depending on wind direction

Sensor for sun shading product control based on light

Sensor for sun shading product control based on outside temperature

Ideal for glare-free daylight

- The control guides the slats accurately according to the angle of the sun

- Cut-Off refers to the ideal slat position in which direct sunlight is blocked but enough diffuse daylight is still used to illuminate the room

- No manual correction of slat angle by user necessary

- Prerequisite for efficiency class A and B as per VDI 3813-2 and DIN EN 15232

- Manual tilting of slats by the user beyond the Cut-Off angle not possible

In the right light at any time

- Shadows in environment taken into consideration (e.g. in courtyards or due to neighbouring buildings)

- Calculation of shadows for each individual window at all times of the day and year

- Sun shading system operates as if each sun shading product has its own sun sensor

- Ideal supplement to slat tracking

- Increased user acceptance by avoiding unnecessary movements of the sun shading system

- Decentralised storage on the motor control units ensures high reliability and a minimal
load on the bus line

- Prerequisite for efficiency class A and B as per VDI 3813-2 and DIN EN 15232

- Possible with: KNX, LonWorks®, BAline