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WAREMA control systems
For intelligent buildings

The right control systems for every requirement

The right control systems for every requirement

Control systems for the private and commercial sector, for operating individual sun shading solutions, smart household appliances or even the complete house and building automation: With WAREMA you will strike gold. The control systems from WAREMA rely on different technologies for transmitting signals reliably and also ensuring the greatest possible compatibility with products from third party suppliers. Private households can be controlled simply and conveniently using the radio-based WAREMA Mobile System, for example. For complex control tasks, for example in commercial properties, WAREMA offers control systems based on the globally established KNX technology. They can be used to easily link and centrally control sun shading, lighting, air conditioning, heating and safety systems.

Everything under control

Everything under control

Close roller shutters at dusk and turn the lighting on at the same time; automatically adjust sun shading to the sunlight so that indoor areas are kept at a pleasant temperature; simulate presence while you are on holiday; enable the opening and closing of your sun shading system via smartphone and much more – the sophisticated WAREMA control systems make it possible. Control systems simply, comfortably and reliably ensure greater energy efficiency, operating comfort, safety and flexibility for private and commercial users. The range of control systems offered by WAREMA ensures that each user finds the solution that's right for them – whether it be just a small solution for their own home or a complex system for commercial buildings.


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Radio systems

Smart Home also for retrofitting

WAREMA climatronic®

SunLight Management to perfection

Central control systems

Automation of sun shading products

Bus systems

Unlimited possibilities with KNX and LonWorks®


Room automation in large properties

Motor control units

For central control systems


Automation according to brightness, wind and rain


Power supply units, cable whips and more

WAREMA Configurator

Experience interactive sun shading systems – go into your living room, kitchen or patio and configure the sun shading product of your choice.