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Highlights of WAREMA at Light+Building 2018

KNX sun shading actuators are able to control two to eight different sun shading drives with 230 volts (AC) or four with 24 volts (DC) independently of one another. To guarantee an optimal energy yield, manual operation can be limited via the available automatic byte inputs (e.g. cut-off).

All WAREMA KNX multiple actuators are available as DIN rail-mounted (REG) or surface-mounted (AP) devices. The latter can be decentrally installed, for example in a suspended ceiling or a false floor. This shortens the wiring paths to the sun shading system, which in turn reduces the fire load in the building. The surface-mounted actuators are pre-equipped for strain relief of lines, which is realised within the housing.

Another special feature of the WAREMA surface-mounted actuators are the integrated binary inputs, to which standard (venetian blind) push buttons or window contacts can be connected. The binary inputs are freely available on the KNX bus and freely usable in the ETS (Engineering Tool Software). And so they can also be used, independent of the sun shading system, for other applications such as light.

Two innovative and unique features of the surface-mounted actuators are the manual override operation and convenient operation of the KNX programming button via Bluetooth and smartphone app. The standardised Bluetooth LE interface ensures both convenient commissioning and straightforward testing of surface-mounted actuators, which are often difficult to access. Direct access to the device is not required.


BAline uses a consistent modular approach to make room automation more flexible. Depending on requirements, the most diverse power consumers are connected to the freely programmable BAline modules and linked to the building automation network in room automation units. Changes in usage and retrofitting require minimal effort. This makes BAline a strong module for variable and future-oriented usage concepts in the construction project.

Using the freely programmable logic module BAline KNXMCM or BAline LONMCM - for realising complex functional and automation sequences - and the BAline extension module, a range of power consumers are combined for a bespoke application. This results in an individual room automation solution. Free programming capability and modularity form the basis for the flexibility and future orientation of the system.


Motor control units (MSE) for controlling 2 to 6 sun shading drives with 230 V AC. The 230 V sun shading drives are controlled locally via a sun shading control system and a push button. In addition, multiple motor control units can be combined into a group and controlled jointly from one push button. The push button logic behaviour can be switched between time and permanent mode. In time mode, the MSE enters lock mode after the push button is pressed for approx. 2 seconds. Operating the push button for a shorter duration generates a tilting impulse (for slat products). In permanent mode, the MSE enters lock mode immediately after the push button is pressed (for fabric products/roller shutters). An integrated power supply unit supplies the 24 V DC control voltage for controlling the MSE via the button or the sun shading control system.


The WAREMA climatronic® 3.0 controls the sun shading system independently of temperature and brightness in both small and large buildings. Intuitive operation makes it easy to comfortably create your personal ideal climate for working and leisure. The KNX Gateway can be used to create a complete KNX system. Sensors allow for the highest degree of comfort thanks to dawn/dusk control, wind monitoring and slat tracking according to the position of the sun. The KNX Gateway sends time and weather information to the KNX network and thus ensures the perfect indoor climate.

WAREMA climatronic® WebControl
  • Mobile end device as an additional operating option
  • Clearly-arranged interface
  • Fast and simple navigation and operation
  • Operation via app, platform-independent browser
  • Data remain in your home
  • No Internet connection required
  • No registration required
  • No security risk


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