REACH is the European chemicals regulation on the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals. This regulation has been in effect since 2007 and aims to ensure a high level of protection for human health and the environment. It aims to guarantee the free movement of chemicals within the Single Market and to promote competition and innovation. REACH is based on the principle that manufacturers, importers and downstream users assume responsibility for their chemicals, i.e. they must ensure that the chemicals they produce and put on the market are used safely. The acronym REACH represents the English title of the regulation: regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation , Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. The REACH regulation is one of the strictest chemical legislations in the world. (Source:

WAREMA Renkhoff SE assumes the role of "downstream user" as described in the REACH regulation. We are aware of our resulting obligations towards our employees, suppliers and customers, and we implement these consistently. This is confirmed by our REACH declaration of conformity.

Under REACH, chemical materials of particular concern are identified and placed on candidate lists. These candidate lists are supplemented every six months. WAREMA stays abreast of these updates. Should we identify a material of particular concern or if our suppliers should notify us of such a material, we will aim to remove these materials from our products by substituting the material or part. This is confirmed in our REACH declaration of conformity.

If a material of concern included in the candidate list and contained in a part used in our product(s), at a concentration exceeding 0.1 mass percent, can not be replaced, we are obliged to disclose this information. This obligation to inform applies to commercial customers within the supply chain. Upon request, consumers must also receive information about the materials of particular concern within 45 days from dealers, manufacturers or importers. On this platform, we have compiled for you information relating to materials of particular concern in our products and the safe handling of these products.