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Construction limit values
Min. width: like min. width of external venetian blind or roller shutter, max. width: 2500 mm
Possible basic products
Top-mounted external venetian blinds/roller shutters for new buildings, front-mounted external venetian blinds/roller shutters R6/V6, venetian blind window systems
Supplementary accessory
Insect screen can be integrated and retrofitted
Technical note
For installation outside of Germany, country-specific regulations must be observed
VisioNeo installation video

Front-mounted roller shutters
with integrated fall protection VisioNeo

This video helps you install VisioNeo fall protection in combination with WAREMA V6 front-mounted roller shutter. See how the guiding elements, the window pane and the roller shutter are mounted to the window frame in accordance with the general building inspectorate test certificate.

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Material Rollladenpanzer

Roller shutter curtain colour

more colours available



Colours of boxes/guide rails



Steuerung (Smart Home) Conveniently control your sun shading system via smartphone, tablet & co.


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WAREMA external venetian blinds

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Enjoy daylight and privacy in equal measure. With WAREMA external venetian blinds you can create an atmosphere in your home in which you always feel comfortable.

Integrated insect screen

All-round safety

The insect screen solutions from WAREMA make any room an insect-free zone. Efficient, elegant and environmentally friendly.

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