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  • Emergency power supply kit for automatic raising of curtains in the event of a power failure
  • Emergency power supply kit includes:
    • An uninterrupted power supply system
    • A motor control unit (MSE emergency power supply kit)
  • Emergency power supply kit is a comfort control system for ensuring that sun shading products are raised in the event of a power supply interruption
  • The following triggers ("alarm signals") can cause a raising movement:
    • Loss of the 230 V AC supply
    • Empty, faulty or old storage batteries
    • UPS overload
    • Internal UPS fault
    • Building control system (BCS), e.g. fire alarm system
    • Optional Up button


ProductArticle number
Emergency power supply kit UPS2013984
MSE emergency power supply kit, AP2014062
MSE emergency power supply kit, REG2013983

Technical data

Technical data for UPS
Operating voltage230 V AC
Safety classI
Weight13.2 kg
Dimensions158 x 137 x 358 mm
Technical data for the MSE emergency power supply kit
Operating voltage230 V AC
Output500 VA
Degree of protection, APIP 30
Degree of protection, REGIP 20
Dimensions106 x 180 x 60 mm (AP),
6 MW (REG)


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