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Mehr Komfort

Perfekte Arbeitsbedingungen und höchster Wohnkomfort durch Automatisierung sämtlicher Produkte nach individuellen Anforderungen.

Greater flexibility

Intelligent networking of an unlimited number of sun shading products and other function groups.

More safety

Prevention of storm damage due to wind monitoring and more.

Greater efficiency

The sun shading is based on the position of the sun and the temperature and thus lowers the costs for heating and air conditioning.


Description Valid from
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Control functions videos

Slat tracking

Ideal for glare-free daylight

The control system tracks the position and angle of the sun and moves the slats accordingly. It even takes into account sunlight shining in from the side when doing so. This achieves the maximum daylight yield.


Sunlight used optimally

The right slat angle at any time of day while the sun is in any position

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