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Sensor Splitter



  • Device for transmitting measuring values from a weather station in several Wisotronic/WAREMA climatronic® networks
  • Ideal for buildings with multiple apartments
  • One Sensor Splitter is required per apartment or Wisotronic/WAREMA climatronic® network
  • Recommendation: For larger units it is recommended that a separate master Sensor Splitter is used in the general area to distribute the weather data
  • Encoding switch for parameterisation of:
    • Type of connected central control unit (Wisotronic/WAREMA climatronic®)
    • Master or Slave operating mode
    • Master: Requests the weather data from the weather station
    • Slave: Receives the weather data and forwards it to the central control unit on request
  • Only for WAREMA climatronic®:
    • Also transfers the measuring values of multiple WAREMA climatronic® weather stations


ProductArticle number
Sensor Splitter, REG2005604

Technical data

Operating voltage24 V DC
Degree of protectionIP 30
Safety classIII
Dimensions3 MW
For central control unitWisotronic WAREMA climatronic®


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