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Germany - Outside

ADAC headquarters in Munich

External venetian blinds

The Munich skyline has gained a prominent addition in the western part of the city with the new ADAC building.

Net plus energy house

External venetian blinds

Berghalde house from outside. In contrast, the views of the surroundings from its exposed location on a hillside near Stuttgart are breathtaking.

Karbach multi-family house

Roller shutters

The special feature of this multi-family house in Karbach is the perfectly coordinated sun shading system installed on each window.

Neumarkt, Dresden

Window and facade awnings

Located in the heart of Dresden, the Neumarkt is a fascinating combination of tradition and modernity.

Employment Agency, Berlin

Window and facade awnings

The multi-coloured glass elements and vertical awnings give the Agency's facade a modern look.

Erich Kästner School, Leipzig

Large slats

The Erich Kästner School is one of the first public properties in Leipzig to satisfy the passive house standard.

Enervie Hagen

Large slats

In terms of function, design and structure the new Enervie AG headquarters is a testament to the company's guiding principles.

Karlstadt one-family house

Insect screen

This one-family house allows its inhabitants to feel cosy and comfortable at any time, day and night.

Main-Spessart one-family house

External venetian blinds

The perfect interplay between sun shading systems and control systems.

ICADE Premier House

Light guidance systems

The structure with its remarkable facade combines the latest in architectural trends with low energy consumption to really impress.

ZAL TechCenter

External venetian blinds

The Centre for Applied Aeronautical Research (ZAL - Zentrum für Angewandte Luftfahrtforschung) in Hamburg-Finkenwerder is providing space for around 600 workplaces on a usable area of more than 25,000 m²

50Hertz Netzquartier

External venetian blinds

Berlin has gained another architectural highlight with the 50Hertz Netzquartier in Europacity. Awarded by the DGNB, the construction impresses thanks to its highly efficient sun shading, among other things.

Medienbrücke, Munich

Daylight systems

In the new district surrounding the Munich Ostbahnhof, steidle architekten have created an ingenious solution to a tricky lighting and spatial situation.

Passive house

Special solution

During the planning stage, it was clear that the natural energy resources of the location, especially free solar energy, had to be utilized to their full potential.

Saegeling Medizintechnik

Special solution

The building of Saegeling Medizintechnik GmbH in the Saxon town of Heidenau was one of the first to be awarded by the DGNB in January 2009.

HumboldtHafenEins, Berlin

DGNB Platinum

But the building proves to be a particular talking point thanks to its very efficient energy management. It is one of the top ten most sustainable office buildings in Germany.

One-family house, Viersen

Perfect lighting design

A home in which the room climate and lighting design meet individual needs exactly.

Kurt-Masur-Schule, Leipzig

Passive House standard

With the Kurt-Masur-Schule, the southern part of the city of Leipzig has gained a colourful school building.

Germany - Inside

Tower 185, Frankfurt am Main

Roller blinds

At 200 metres high, the prominent Tower 185 in Frankfurt am Main is currently the fourth-tallest building in Germany.

The Squaire, Frankfurt am Main

Roller blinds

State-of-the-art standards, a diverse infrastructure and an accessible location at Frankfurt's Airport City.

Bavarian Forest one-family house

Pleated blinds

For the Schuhmacher family it was clear: “A window decoration from the rod is completely out of fashion”.

Nidda multi-family house

Pleated blinds

The pleated blinds from WAREMA ensure an optimum climate of well-being and fascinating mood lighting for every season.

Franconian Wine Country condominium

Curtain panels

The large and flexible curtain panels in delicate colours ensure transparency and plenty of daylight.

Franconian Switzerland multi-family house

Venetian blinds

“Particularly successful symbiosis of design and function” in internal venetian blinds from WAREMA.

Old Berlin apartment

Cassette roller blind

The ability of modern technology to fit discreetly and effectively into historical surroundings is shown by the renovation of this old apartment building.

Lower Saxony one-family house

Vertical louvre blinds

After modernising a one-family house from the '70s nearing the end of its life, large, floor-to-ceiling windows allow a lot of daylight inside.

Dockland, Hamburg

Conservatory awnings

Similar to the shape of a luxury liner, the structure leans by 24 degrees, meaning that the bow juts out over the Elbe by about 40 metres.

Germany - Patio

Lower Franconia one-family house

Patio awnings

Thanks to the cassette awning K60, enjoyable hours on the balcony are a reality in this modern one-family house.

Marktheidenfeld one-family house

Shaft awnings

The shaft awning K70 can be perfectly integrated into the facade: the cover panel closes flush with the facade when the awning is retracted.

Hafenlohr one-family house

Conservatory awning W10

Paired with a matching conservatory awning W10, a patio roof is the ideal outdoor extension of existing living space.

Marktheidenfeld office building

Pergola awnings

The installation of adjoining pergola awnings in a single row creates a continuous surface.

CMS Hasche Sigle

Sun sail

A sun sail installed on the roof of the business centre provides the rooftop lounge with outstanding shading.

Karlstadt multi-family house

Sun sail

The movable sun sail can be extended when needed and thus provides shade as individually desired.

International references

Switzerland: Prime Tower, Zurich

Commercial roller blinds

Since 2008 all categories of buildings constructed to the Swiss “Minergie” standard have also been required to demonstrate the ability to protect against summer heat.

Austria: Rooftop patio, Vienna

Sun sail

The sun sail was perfectly integrated into the patio, allowing this rooftop space to accommodate a sun shading system that requires virtually no fixing points at all.

UAE: Sowwah Square, Abu Dhabi

Commercial roller blinds

The American architectural firm Goettsch Partners Inc. beat off the international competition to win this project.

United Kingdom: St George Wharf Tower, London

External venetian blinds

One of the essential challenges in this project was to meet the architect's very detailed requirements specific to the project.

Switzerland: Roche Tower, Basel

External venetian blinds

At 178 m high, the Roche Tower will be the future tallest building in Switzerland. The focus was placed on a high functionality and sustainability when constructing the building.

USA: Bullitt Center Seattle

WAREMA climatronic®

The Bullitt Center aims to show what is already possible today and to increase the speed of change in the direction towards more efficient “green buildings”.

Switzerland: Hello Baarzug, Baar

External venetian blinds and awnings

Light, air and energy efficiency characterise the living and working estate.

Switzerland: Hochzwei Allmend, Lucerne

External venetian blinds

Several windows provide the residents with plenty of light, which should be managed sensibly to ensure a high level of living comfort.

Switzerland: Hard Turm Park Tower

External venetian blinds
Window awnings with ZIP guidance

Urban living with unobstructed views.

Switzerland: Helvetia Tower, Pratteln

Window awnings
LonWorks® technology

The shading concept has already been developed in the planning phase and is optimally aligned with the users' requirements.

USA: University of California, San Diego

LEED Platinum

The sustainable university awarded with the LEED Platinum has been equipped with an optimal sun shading system.

Switzerland: Terre Bonne Business Park

Transparent glass facades

The plan primarily considered the building material "glass" and combines maximum transparency with the highest standards of sustainability.

Switzerland: Daniel Swarovski Corporation

An unrestricted view of the lake and the Alps

The administration building of the Daniel Swarovski Corporation on the shores of Lake Zurich in Männedorf, Switzerland meets the highest energy requirements thanks to its consistently sustainable construction.

Switzerland: PMI, Neuchâtel

Environmentally friendly design

The unusual position of the new Philip Morris International Research & Development Campus (PMI R&D Campus) right on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel lends the building a very special quality.

Austria: Viertel Zwei, Vienna

Perfect space

Viertel Zwei is more than simply a group of buildings. Viertel Zwei is the affirmation of a grand idea to create a working environment in which people enjoy being productive.

Sweden: World Trade Center, Malmö

Sustainable construction

The WTC Malmö was planned and built as a so-called "green building". It consists of two buildings with 5 or 10 floors and a total area of 15,000 square metres.

Austria: ÖAMTC Mobility Centre, Vienna

Symbol for mobility

Thanks to its circular shape, the building is symbolic of the company culture of the ÖAMTC and sets an example for mobility.

Russia: Mercury City Tower, Moscow

Targeted design

It was planned as the first tower block in Moscow City under strict sustainability criteria, consumes less water and electricity, and supports the use of natural daylight in a special way.

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