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Design with the sun – planning with WAREMA

Planning tools for architects and specialist planners - Downloads & tools from WAREMA

Downloads & tools

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Whether you're looking for tender specifications, BIM data, technical data or references - you'll find what you need here. You can also use our free tools, such as the Dimensions Assistant (slat stack height calculator) or our Sun Shading Planner (CAD data). You can see a full overview here.

Building physics and sustainability - WAREMA for architects and specialist planners

Building physics & sustainability

Plan with the sun!

Here you will find various building physics values, such as the Fc- and gtot value, radiation physics data, thermal bridges or sound insulation, and product declarations or classifications according to DIN EN 14501.

Contact and support for architects and specialist planners

Contact & support

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The architect consulting service even offers you support as you plan your project - with one-to-one advice, samples, free hotline and extensive FAQs. An extensive reference and media database provides inspiration and keeps you up-to-date with the "DesignLight" online magazine.

Requirements for climate-active building envelopes

The most important function the facade performs is to harmonise the climatic and structural conditions. Nowadays, intelligent building envelopes change their characteristics - just like a person's skin that acts like a protective cover, performs vital functions and offers diverse adjustment mechanisms.

Solar energy now has the biggest impact on the building envelope.

Building physics variables, such as heat transmission coefficients, total solar energy transmittance and light transmission coefficients therefore have a great influence on the building's climatic factors. So integral planning, the focus being on the building envelope trades, is in greater demand than ever before.

Intelligent facades have to be able to change their characteristics

In fact, the building envelope's solar radiation characteristics must exhibit high levels of variance if it is to react to influences in a climate-active manner. Today, we achieve such a high degree of flexibility by using intelligently controlled sun shading systems.

Klimaaktive Fassaden mit optimalen Sonnenschutzsystemen

Um die physikalischen Größen der Fassade positiv, also im Sinne einer höchstmöglichen Energieeffizienz, beeinflussen zu können, benötigt man heute intelligent gesteuerte und hoch flexible Sonnenschutzsysteme. Die Wahl sollte auf eine Lösung fallen, welche die jeweiligen Bedürfnisse der Nutzer, die Nutzungsweise des Gebäudes sowie die Anforderungen an die Energieeffizienz bestmöglich unterstützt.