Roller shutters

Roller shutters are the classic sun shading system for the home. These modern products are easy to install and can either serve as a design element or blend into the facade.

Set your own standards and create your own customised roller shutter. These can be based on various profiles and a large number of colours.
  • Products
    Front-mounted roller shutter
    Our front-mounted roller shutter is suitable for use in new buildings and in renovations. They can either be "invisibly" integrated in the facade or used as an optical facade highlight.And there's more: front-mounted roller shutters and front-mounted external venetian blinds can be readily combined - the boxes and cover panels can be perfectly matched in their appearance.
    Top-mounted roller shutters
    Top-mounted roller shutters consist of a compact plastic box system and are a practical choice for both new building projects and renovations. The shutter box is fitted onto the window from above, and the box and window are installed in the opening together. Different box models are available: the visible version comes with a white plastic cover panel or powder-coated aluminium cover panel, while the plaster base plate model is fully integrated in the facade.
    Top-mounted roller shutter for new buildings
    An enhanced form of this proven system was introduced in September 2015. The top-mounted roller shutter for new buildings is now available with even more features: - Clip fixing for easier installation - Ceiling installation or structural console for optimised statics - Option to integrate ventilation elements Top-mounted roller shutters for new buildings are ideally suited for use in new buildings, but can also be employed in facade renovations. This roller shutter is installed together with the window in a single step.
    Renovation roller shutter
    The WAREMA renovation roller shutter RE-RO is favourable solution in terms of building energy that is built into existing lintel boxes. The RE-RO is premounted on the new window. Both components can then be mounted in a single step. The facade and inside plaster remain largely unaffected by the replacement. This fulfils the requirements of the EnEV 2009. The RE-RO is available in 2 box sizes.Experience the RE-RO in action – animations and a product film are presented here. - Installation (animation) - Product film
    Security roller shutter
    Burglar-resistant roller shutters - in DIN EN 1627 resistance class (RC) 2 - provide resistance against attempts by intruders to gain access to protected areas using force. WAREMA security roller shutters satisfy resistance class (WK) 2, which is fully compatible with the more recent resistant resistance class (RC) 2. These roller shutters are equipped with reinforced components and, when closed, provide effective resistance against burglars. They are suitable for installation on both new and existing buildings. Click on the link for more information about the topic of burglary protection.
    In-shaft roller shutter
    The in-shaft roller shutter was developed to meet the requirements in the Swiss market. The unit is installed in existing shafts. Thanks to the Minimax guide rails, in-shaft roller shutters blend in unobtrusively with building facades. The system is easy to install: The bearing and shaft are simply attached to the guide rails and do not have to be mounted separately. Different projecting arm models and operating options provide users with added comfort.
  • Accessories & other information
    Aluminium roller shutter curtains
    This page gives you an overview of the different aluminium roller shutter curtains we offer.
    Plastic roller shutter curtains
    This page provides you with information about the various different models of plastic curtains available.
    Insect screen swivel frame
    WAREMA roller shutters are optionally available with insect screen swivel frames. For frequently used passageways such as balcony or patio doors, the swivel frame is a comfortable solution. The highly transparent VisionAir gauze ensures a clear view to the outside world and optimal air circulation. The insect screen swivel frame can be operated comfortably thanks to the integrated handle rail. With the help of a magnetic catch, the integrated closing aid closes the swivel frame automatically. Insect screen swivel frames are available for the following roller shutters: - Front-mounted roller shutters - Top-mounted roller shutter for new buildings - Top-mounted roller shutter - Renovation roller shutter Fixed frames are available in addition to insect screen swivel frames. The swivel frame and fixed frame can optionally be covered with a rugged stainless steel gauze or a pollen screen.
    Insect screen roller blind for roller shutters
    Annoying "visits" from insects can be effectively stopped by an integrated insect screen roller blind. It can be integrated in the roller shutter right from the beginning or retrofitted later on. The handy aluminium handle rail can be used to open and close the roller blind. The insect screen gauze is securely guided in the guide rails by two brushes. Further advantages - Practical installation directly in the roller shutter box - Soft-raise function for smooth retraction - Highly transparent VisionAir gauze ensures a clear view to the outside world and optimal air circulationInsect screen roller blinds are available for the following roller shutters: - Front-mounted roller shutters - Top-mounted roller shutter for new buildings - Top-mounted roller shutter - Renovation roller shutter
    Roller shutter curtain colour selection
    Classic or completely individual? WAREMA offers a broad pallet of different colours for roller shutter curtains.
    WAREMA Colour World
    The WAREMA Colour World selection is available on all our powder-coated aluminium parts, such as guide rails, cover panels, profiles and boxes. - 3 colour categories: Highlight, Variation and Individual - Over 400 powder colours - Up to 5 different surfaces
    Roller shutter product film
    Experience our roller shutters in action You can watch the video here: