The Inside Collection

Colours influence us much more than we often realise. A colour range adds a very personal note to a room.

Combine the colour ranges for textiles and aluminium slats from our Inside Collection with the quality of WAREMA products.

The Inside Collection for ...

Venetian blinds
Immerse yourself in the colourful world of WAREMA fabrics and design your sun shading system to match your unique style and taste. Our aluminium slats are available in the following widths: 16, 25, 35 and 50 mm. More information on the "Inside Worlds of Experience" is available here. Note:Please note that today's technology is unable to correctly display the colour values on the computer screen. Light-related values conform to EN 410.
Roller blinds, curtain panels, vertical louvre blinds and pleated blinds
Immerse yourself in the colourful world of WAREMA and design your roller blinds, curtain panels, pleated blinds and vertical louvre blinds to match your own decorating style and taste. More information on the "Inside Worlds of Experience" is available here. You can also view all designs, along with their characteristics, in our collection brochure.
Pleated blinds with honeycomb fabric
The honeycomb designs in the WAREMA Inside Collection feature impressively sturdy workmanship and an appealing appearance. The air pockets in the honeycombs also provide excellent heat insulation. The remarkable properties of this product feature have been verified in a study by the Fraunhofer Institute. The honeycomb designs are available in nine attractive colours, each of which comes in a semi-transparent and blackout model.

Additional information

Inside Worlds of Experience
Extremes, such as luxury and minimalism or dreams and reality, are no longer a contradiction in terms but rather an integral part of our lifestyle. And it is in our homes that we take these contradictions and transform them into a new quality of life. New concepts are emerging in our personal living space, which make our everyday lives more exciting and transform our homes into living experiences. Want to see what the Inside Collection looks like? Click here to view the individual collection books.
Collection books for internal sun shading systems
This book will spark your interest in (re-)decorating your living space! This high-quality illustrated book forms the link between our collections: next to each picture you will find information on the designs used in the photo and the corresponding collection book. The collection is organised by our colour themes: - Minimalism & contrast (black/white/grey) - Nature & emotion (browns/greys/brass/copper) - Trend & dreams (blues/violet) - Values & luxury (red/rose/gold/yellows)
Individual design with digital printing
Whether roller blinds, curtain panels or vertical louvre blinds, digital large format printing makes it possible to print both complete and partial images on any unit.