External venetian blinds

Always live life in the right light.
With WAREMA external venetian blinds.

WAREMA external venetian blinds create an optimal lighting atmosphere at any time of day and allow perfect daylight utilisation.
The individually adjustable slat angle ensures that rooms receive just the right amount of daylight while protecting against prying eyes. W With our external venetian blinds, we are therefore able to provide flexible daylight utilisation for both maximum energy efficiency and a truly comfortable setting.

You can depend on us!
With over 50 years of production history WAREMA external venetian blinds offer perfected sunlight management.
Not only does WAREMA deliver products of superior quality, the company makes sure that you'll always find the perfect solution for every situation with the widest range of external venetian blinds on the market
All this means that you can plan for the long term right from the start - with external venetian blinds from the global market leader.

  • Products
    The WAREMA external venetian blind 80 S
    The standard model of the external venetian blind with 80 mm beaded slats is the most popular external venetian blind on the market. Still, even a proven product should continue to be refined in the quest for perfection. Using our knowledge and experience from over 50 years of producing external venetian blinds, we have perfected the proven details of the 80 mm beaded slat and adapted the product to meet the current needs of the market. The result is the WAREMA external venetian blind 80 S.
    External venetian blinds with flat slats
    Flat slats are a slender and highly flexible alternative to WAREMA external venetian blinds with rolled beads. This blind is particularly well suited for smaller window sizes. It provides a maximum view to the outside, even in the sunlight cut-off position. When raised, flat slats have a low slat stack height. This makes them ideal for retrofitting on existing structures, where available space is usually limited. External venetian blinds with flat slats are available with guide rails or cable guidance. With cable guidance, this external venetian blind has an even more slender appearance, while guide rails serve as a design element on the facade and provide maximum stability.
    Dim-out external venetian blinds
    This external venetian blind features a special slat design, in which the slats interlock perfectly to create a dim-out effect. The blind is therefore ideally suited for bedrooms, presentation rooms and anywhere where the incidence of light needs to be reduced on demand. A bead in the front edge of the slat also reduces the incidence of light and prevents rattling noises. The exceptionally robust slats make this external venetian blind highly durable. On high buildings or in wind-exposed locations, we recommend our additionally reinforced wind-stable external venetian blinds. These external venetian blinds are available with dim-out slats as well. Of course, our dim-out venetian blinds are also available with standard equipment options such as daylight transport blinds.
    Front-mounted external venetian blinds
    The front-mounted external venetian blind comes with a wide variety of equipment options and a large selection of accessories: The cover panels are available in various standard and special shapes. This blind can also be used with a built-in cover panel. If you would like to combine roller shutters and external venetian blinds on your building, the front-mounted external venetian blind can be used for this as well - its installation and appearance are compatible with that of the WAREMA front-mounted roller shutter. The optionally available solar drive is ideal for retrofitting onto existing buildings. It requires no wall feedthroughs for line routing or power supply. The integrated or retrofittable insect screen provides more comfort in your home.
    Top-mounted external venetian blinds for new buildings
    We specially designed our top-mounted external venetian blinds for new buildings to be installed on new structures and renovation projects where the blinds need to be unobtrusively integrated in the facade. The external venetian blind is mounted directly on the window and inserted into the wall opening together with the window. The box can then be embedded in plaster from both the outside and inside. Patented guide rail for flush mounting (optional): A plaster base plate is integrated between the window and the guide rail. As a result, the external venetian blinds become almost invisible in the raised position. The top-mounted external venetian blinds for new buildings are available with beaded slats, flat slats and dim-out slats. In addition, these external venetian blinds can be equipped with an insect screen gauze. The gauze is available as a roller blind, screen door or sash frame. It can also be easily retrofitted. - Installation animation
    Venetian blind window systems
    Venetian blind window systems can be perfectly integrated into exterior insulation and finish systems or existing shafts. Integration of the system into the facade is easy to plan and requires only a minimum of installation work. The plastered models are seamlessly built into the facade. And thanks to a large selection of colours, the external venetian blind can also be used as a visible system to create colour accents on the facade. Insert screen roller blinds and swivel frames are optionally available.
    Asymmetrical external venetian blinds
    A customised sun shading system for innovative windows - WAREMA asymmetrical external venetian blinds are suitable for almost any asymmetrical window shape. The asymmetrical external venetian blind visually blends in with our other external venetian blind designs to create a consistent visual appearance.Special equipment and accessories from WAREMA are also available for these special external venetian blinds. One such example is the solar drive. The drive's solar panel can be mounted directly on the cover panel (see figure left of text). This saves energy and avoids complicated installation work.
    Metal system venetian blinds
    The metal system venetian blind is a premium product. This rugged and durable solution is sustainable and provides an excellent return on investment. Superior quality Its very appearance is proof that the metal system venetian blind is a high-quality product. Safety and securityCollision protection and fall protection safeguard garden furniture and children at play - and of course the external venetian blind itself.The integrated push-up guard provides additional security. No annoying dots of lightThe raising mechanism is situated within the guide rail, eliminating the need for cutouts in the slats.
    Self-supporting external venetian blinds
    On these external venetian blinds, the guide rails are attached directly to the cover panel. As a result, the cover panel does not need to be mounted on the facade.Self-supporting cover panels can be used as a facade design element. Depending on the desired style, the cover panels can be mounted either on top of the guide rails or between the guide rails.In terms of its appearance, the self-supporting cover panel is suitable for the following installation situations: - Conservatories - Transom and mullion facades - Retrofitting on insulated facades - Renovation
    Wind-stable external venetian blinds
    Wind is always a challenge for external venetian blind systems - be it on tall buildings or in windy regions. With their extreme stability and durability, wind-stable external venetian blinds from WAREMA are up to the challenge. Measurements performed at the Institut für Fenstertechnik (Institute for Window Technology) in Freiburg, Germany have shown that these blinds are suitable for use in winds into the lower wind force 10 category on the Beaufort scale. Accordingly, these external venetian blinds can be used more frequently on windy days. This delivers additional comfort and also has an impact on the energy balance. In many cases, wind-stable external venetian blinds can also be retrofitted onto existing structures. In addition, it is also often possible to modify external venetian blinds that have already been installed.
    External venetian blinds with narrow slats
    These external venetian blinds have a slat width of 50 mm, making them narrower than our other models. They have a slimmer appearance and are especially suitable for buildings with smaller window sizes - not least because of the lower slat stack height. The cable guidance also helps to create a lighter overall appearance. Small slats mean less weight, which is why these external venetian blinds can easily be operated manually, even with a cord. Thermal barrier with crank operation The new WAREMA pivot bearings cause a discontinuity in the drive rod of the crank in order to reduce heat transfer.
    Daylight guiding venetian blinds
    WAREMA daylight guiding venetian blinds are specially designed for transporting daylight . They effectively guide light across the room ceiling and far into the room interior. In many cases, this can eliminate the need for artificial lighting. At the same time, they protect the room against heat radiation. Special concave slats with highly reflective surfaces keep the room from heating up. In addition, the distance between slats is smaller than on external venetian blinds. This effect is enhanced in combination with sun protection glazing, which is often used in larger buildings. An intelligent control unit allows users to enjoy the benefits of these blinds with consistency: a slat tracking system based on the position of the sun ensures the optimal balance between daylight utilisation and heat protection. Daylight guiding venetian blinds are installed in closed double skin facades or directly in the room interior .
  • Models
    T/M system cover panel
    In addition to systematic planning, the T/M system cover panel allows seamless project execution and reduces installation times considerably. The T/M system cover panel eliminates the need for bracing during installation. It can also accommodate thermal expansion, even on long cover panel strips.
    Cover panels for external venetian blinds
    The cover panels of our external venetian blinds protect the raised slats against wind and weather. In addition, the cover panels are used as a structural element for the facade design. - Shapes: A selection of our standard and special shapes can be seen in the images below. Additional shapes are available on request. - Colours: Our cover panels can be powder-coated in all colours of the WAREMA Colour World – with additional colours available on request. Details can be found here. All cover panels are optionally available with integrated box insulation. Additional information can be found here.
    Slat colours
    An overview of the current slat colours can be found in the table below. Slat and guide rail colours can be combined individually to adapt external venetian blinds to the facade, or to create distinctive accents. The slat colours for our external venetian blinds can be found here. Further details about colours for powder-coated aluminium parts can be found here. Note: Please be aware that every monitor displays colours differently. The colours shown here on the screen may therefore vary from the original colour. The slat types listed below are only available in the following slat colours: - 50 AF/ 150 AF: RAL 9006, RAL 9007 - 100 AF: RAL 9006, RAL 9007, RAL 9016 - 60/ 60 AF: RAL 7016, RAL 7035, RAL 7038, RAL 9006, RAL 9007, RAL 9016, DB 703For all other slat types, please see the "Overview of slat colours".
    WAREMA Colour World
    The WAREMA Colour World selection is available on all our powder-coated aluminium parts, such as guide rails, cover panels, profiles and boxes. - 3 colour categories: Highlight, Variation and Individual - Over 400 powder colours - Up to 5 different surfaces
    Our external venetian blinds are available with a motor or crank drive, as well as a wide range of different supplementary accessories. Motors can be integrated into different control systems via interfaces. Further information on our drives can be found below.
    Cable guidance
    A cable guide is not noticeable – it is inconspicuously integrated in the facade. The cables themselves (polyamide-sheathed steel wire cord) are available in a black or transparent finish. The tension cable brackets can be powder-coated in all colours of the WAREMA Colour World – with other colours are available on request. Additional information can be found here. To ensure that the units can be optimally installed in the various facade types, WAREMA offers a wide variety of brackets.
    Rail guidance
    The guide rails for our external venetian blinds are available in a number of different models. - Shapes: rectangular or round - Colours: All colours in the WAREMA Colour World, and other colours on request. Additional information can be found here - Installation: surface-mounted, on facades, concealed in the facade structure or self-supporting The patented guide profile with plaster base plate from WAREMA can be almost entirely embedded in plaster.
    Information about WAREMA external venetian blinds
    We recommend cleaning external venetian blinds at least once a year. Our cleaning instructions can be found in the table below.
  • Supplementary accessories
    Battery-operated emergency retraction set
    Unlike its predecessor, the battery operated emergency retraction system no longer requires a feedthrough to the interior; the auxiliary motor is now integrated directly in the top rail. The battery-operated emergency retraction set does not affect the appearance of the external venetian blind; from the outside, the cover panel height and depth are no different to those of other WAREMA external venetian blinds.
    slowturnPrecision slat positioning
    slowturn delivers a reduced slat tilting speed. The tilting time is three times longer than that of other external venetian blinds, allowing you to position the slats with extreme precision. Combined with the use of a higher level sun shading control system, slowturn helps to sustainably increase building energy efficiency.
    Blind models
    Our assorted blind models deliver added comfort and effective daylight utilisation. Thanks to the versatile options available, you'll find an individual solution for virtually any requirement.
    Self-cleaning Reynolux® EcoClean™ coating for external venetian blind slats
    When combined with sun and moisture, this light-sensitive coating made of titanium dioxide (Reynolux® EcoClean™) acts like a catalyst on the top side of slats to break down organic dirt and smog particles. The activated slat surface is hydrophilic. This enables a constant uniform distribution of water on the surface in the form of a thin film. The result: Thanks to the photocatalytic effect, dirt is softened and there is enough water to rinse the slats clean without the formation of drops. The positive effect for the environment: The coating also makes the air cleaner - 1000 m2 of slats with Reynolux® EcoClean™ neutralises as much smog as 80 trees. That's sustainability in action!