Window and facade awnings

Rugged technology and proven functionality make our window and facade awnings a true highlight.

You can combine the huge variety of fabrics and colours in "made by WAREMA" quality.

Product variants

Vertical awnings
Functional and unobtrusive – a sun shading systems designed for vertical facades and large window fronts. A useful detail: the fabric can be concealed behind a round cover panel instead of in a box. The awning collection designs and various frame colours round out the selection.
Facade awnings
WAREMA facade awnings can also be installed on sloped facades. Flexibility and technical finesse make them a professional sun shading alternative for modern building facades.
Window awnings with ZIP guidance
A sun shading solution should be efficient, but it should also blend into the modern architecture or create a visual highlight that complements the facade design. The unique solution: window awnings with ZIP guidance
Drop-arm awnings
In our drop-arm awnings, the awning fabric is projected forward away from the window instead of resting vertically against the wall.This permits an outside view even when they are lowered. Their aesthetic design can relieve the starkness of some architectural forms. WAREMA drop-arm awnings add a light Mediterranean flair to single-family homes.
WAREMA markisolettes can be said to be the all-rounder for vertical facades. It is the ideal solution for those who value a uniform facade layout but would like to enjoy the advantages of individual shading at all times.

Accessories & other information

Awning collection
Would you like to know which fabric from our new collection best suits your facade? Then the Collection Consultant is the right place for you.Please take advantage of this convenient decision-making aid. Start the Collection Consultant
Frame colours
Choose frame colours which harmonise with the fabric and your individual style of living. Eight WAREMA textured colours feature a finely textured coating with a metallic appearance. In addition to their sophisticated look, these colours have yet another advantage. Thanks to the fine surface texture, water and particles of dirt bead off particularly well. The exceptional coating quality ensures durability – independently tested by the Quality Association for the Coating of Building Materials (GSB). The surface coating complies with the GSB AL 631 regulations. Alternatively, you also have the option of selecting other frame colours from the WAREMA Colour World. These can be found at the bottom of the page below the 50 frame colours. NotePlease note that today's technology is unable to correctly display the colour values on the computer screen. WAREMA dealers have colour charts available that you can view to make a reliable colour choice.
Interesting facts about awning fabrics
On these pages, you will find valuable and practical tips for our awnings and the fabrics used to make them. For example, you can learn about the proper care for your awning fabric or the design and innovation prizes that our products have received.
Awnings and sun sails product video
Our product video offers a glimpse into the range of awnings and sun sails we offer. You can watch the video here: